Why is my dog not eating his food but will eat treats?

There are a few potential causes if your dog will eat treats but not his meal. These causes range from behavioral to medical in nature.

Medical reasons

dental issues. Your dog could find it difficult to eat his food if he has dental issues, such as tooth pain or gum disease. Even if he is still interested in goodies, this could cause him to completely ignore his meals. digestive difficulties. Your dog might not be able to properly digest his food if he suffers from a digestive issue, such as an infection or an upset stomach. He can feel queasy or uneasy as a result and not want to eat.

Medical reasons

Infection. Your dog might not feel well enough to eat if he has an infection, such as a skin infection or urinary tract infection. Particularly if the infection is making him hurt, this is true. Medication. Dogs who take certain drugs may experience appetite loss. Your dog may not be eating his food because he has lately started taking a new medicine.

Behavioral reasons

Stress. Your dog might not be able to eat if he's agitated or anxious. Numerous factors, including a change in his environment, a new pet living in the home, or a rainstorm, may be to blame for this. If you believe your dog is anxious, look for the source of the stress and, if you can, eliminate it. Pickiness. Some dogs simply don't like to eat. If your dog belongs to this group, you might need to try a variety of foods until you find one he like. Alternatively, you may try topping his meal with cooked chicken, ground beef, or peanut butter.