Japanese Dog Breeds: Cuteness from Shiba Inu to Akita Inu! 

Many of the most well-known dog breeds in the world have their roots in Japan, a nation with a long history of dog breeding. The following are a few of the most popular Japanese dog breeds:


The Akita is a big, strong canine that was first bred for hunting. They are renowned for their independence, wit, and loyalty. 

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is a medium-sized dog that is the smallest of the six  native Japanese dog breeds. They are known for their fox-like  appearance, loyalty, and energy.


The medium-sized Shikoku dog is indigenous to Japan's Shikoku Island. They are renowned for their intelligence, trainability, and tenacity. 


The Kii Peninsula in Japan is home to the huge, robust Kishu dog. They are renowned for their fidelity, independence, and nature of protection.

Kai Ken

The rare, medium-sized Kai Ken is a dog that is indigenous to Japan's hilly areas. Their intelligence, agility, and trainability are well-known. 

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